Welcome To Pembroke Farming Family

Pembroke Farming Family Officers

President  – Sharadi Kweli
™Vice President –  Freddie Jones
™Treasurer – Reginald Steward
™Secretary – Kamal Rashid

Our Purpose

The purpose of Pembroke Farming Family (PFF) is to empower farmers of Pembroke Township, Illinois to become more self sufficient, natural growers and producers of crops, livestock and other agricultural products for ourselves, families and greater communities; fortify our member body as sustainable and economically viable farm entrepreneurs; and strengthen Pembroke’s farming community and other stakeholders as we strive to build a community-based food system and become key components of the emerging local food systems developing across the State of Illinois.

Our Vision

Our vision is to collectively organize, support and grow our organization and its core members through training, networking programs and events; link access to local and remote resources and by way of Pass-on Gifts for equipment, seeds, livestock, and infrastructure needs; Aggregate our buying and selling power; build upon and promote sustainable farm practices and healthier eating and lifestyles through outreach, tourism and other sharing efforts; and seek financial stability through both public and private funding.

Our History

Pembroke Farming Family Association began in 1999 with support and guidance from Heifer International.  Although the organization does not receive direct support from Heifer, members of PFF wanted to maintain the cornerstones as a basis for the organization. Used for more than 65 years, these 12 Cornerstones guide communities to self-reliance.

Cornerstones stimulate group wisdom and personal insights, and they keep people’s hearts, minds and actions balanced, focused and productive. Together, they form the acronym PASSING GIFTS and echo the practice that makes Heifer unique and its projects sustainable.

Heifer’s Cornerstones

The Foundation of Pembroke Farming Family Association


 img1-left Passing on the Gift allows families who received PFF gifts/benefits to become donors as they pass on these gifts to other farming families in need. Genuine Need & Justice ensures that those most in need are given priority in receiving animals, seeds and training.  img1-rigt
 img2-left Accountability means that we are mutually accountable to our community and our organization for how we achieve common goals. Improving the Environment through sustainable farming techniques, apiaries, reforestation, and better animal management  img2-right
 img3-left Sharing & Caring embodies the belief that global problems can be solved if everyone commits to sharing resources and caring for others. Full Participation is expected by all members. Leaders at the grassroots level should involve all members in decision making.  img3-right
 img4-left Sustainability & Self-reliance is the goal for families we work with so that they will continue to thrive after our support ends. Training & Education are key to ensuring that animals, gardens and farms in general are well cared for and that self-reliance is achieved by association members.  img4-right
 img5-left Improved Animal Management means that organization participants learn how to keep their animals safe, healthy and productive. Spirituality is expressed in common beliefs about the value and meaning of all life, a sense of connectedness to the earth and a shared vision of the future.  img5-right
 img6-left Nutrition & Income are the rewards PFF expects members to reap from their gifts/benefits through the consumption and/or sale of produce, meats, honey and other value added farm products. Gender & Family Focus encourages women and men to share in decision making as well as in the benefits the association may bring

(*Heifer’s Cornerstones have been modified slightly to reflect those of PFF.)


Our Pass–On acknowledgements are stemmed from this understanding. A Pass-On celebration is encouraged at least annually to support other farming families with in the organization and to uplift farming families outside of the organization.

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